Event Planning & Production

All the way from planning a company promotional event to producing a once-in-a-lifetime Special Event, the neilis team fully takes charge of your project’s planning, presentation and execution.

Bringing out the unique personality of each event

Executives and technicians from all company departments, specialising in audio, video, staging, multimedia, public relations and communication, come together to create a dynamic team, capable of setting up for you an event of unique character and thus meet - or rather exceed - your expectations.

Our constant support is certain to rid you of unwarranted stress. What is more, by repeatedly running test events we are able to stay in control of all service provision aspects as well as to fine-tune all technical details: you are finally free to concentrate on your relations with your customers, your minds at ease!

Services provided:
  • Supply management.
  • Entertainment shows.
  • Speaker support.
  • Event Communication.
  • Celebrity & keynote speaker booking.
  • Hologram projections.
  • Video production & processing.
  • Set design & construction.
  • Flow management.
  • Staging of your event.
  • Event identity & theme development.
  • Content development & production.
  • Audiovisual applications.
  • 3D Design & Animation.
  • Creative & Design services.
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