Conferences & Expos

Conferences, Seminars & Exhibitions

Plethora can spell trouble, if it means trying to pick out of a chaos of choices of venues, installations and equipment. Zooming in on your vision, our team members are by your side, leading you out of all labyrinths.

Nothing is left to chance
Teaming up, bringing together your vision of the event to be planned and our execution skills, it is certain that the professional messages that you wish to convey will be driven home, crystal-clear. While never losing focus, our operations team can show great flexibility while setting up an entire series of side activities and/or workshops to substantially boost the end result, never once losing sight of your goal.

Services provided:

  • Location viewing and assessment trips.
  • Selection of keynote speakers and celebrities.
  • Fun, creative and cultural activities and workshops, within the framework of the event.
  • Prizes and celebratory dinners, opening & closing sessions.
  • Transportation and accommodation bookings.
  • Meetings of working groups, special sites.
  • Side events, social life.
  • Catering services, at all venues.
  • Stand construction and assembly.
  • Mobile structure installation.
  • Event concept development.
  • Local support or sponsorship management.
  • Assistance in guest management, if needed.
  • Event space management.
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